CISC 1110 Topics Outline:

I Introductory concepts -- simple programs, declaration and assignment statements, printing using cout, for loops, simple conditional (if)statements, data types int, char, and double, arithmetic ops, precedence rules, standard library of functions

II Reading Data -- reading using cin, interactive I/O, while loops, if-else statement, use of files for input/output

III Functions -- introduction to functions in C++, programmer-defined functions, prototypes, parameters, return types, void and parameterless functions, reference parameters

IV Additional Control Structuresdo-while loops, nested loops, nested if, logical and relational operators, type bool (optional: switch, break, and continue statements)

V Arrays -- one-dimensional arrays, using arrays with functions

VI Strings -- using the C++ string class, string manipulation using functions of the string class and programmer-defined functions

VII Sorting and Searching -- simple sorting and searching algorithms

VIII Simple Classes -- defining and using a behavior-less class (a class without member functions)

IX Base Systems -- binary, decimal, and hexadecimal number systems

X Additional Computer Science Topics -- compilation and execution, parts of a computer system, history of computing, etc.

        Students should expect to spend at least 10-15 hours per week preparing and running programming assignments. There will be two class exams, plus a final exam.



Most sections use this:

Problem Solving With C++,  J. Jones and K. Harrow, Pearson Custom Publishing, 2007.

Many sections require or recommend this:

Workbook for C++, Y. Langsam, Pearson Custom Publishing, 2007.

Introduction to Computing Using C++: Detailed Syllabus for CIS 1.5


TOPIC                                                                 Hours                         Chapter in text

Intro to C++ and the compiler                             1/2 hour                         handouts


Elementary data types (int, double, char)           5 1/2 hours                     1 and 2

simple programs, arithmetic precedence

 loop constructs, cout, conditional statements

Intro to the history of computing,                         1 ½ hours                      handout on CISC 1110 Web page

parts of a computer system,                               (sometime before

compilation vs. execution                                    the first test)


Interactive data entry, cin for input,                     3 ½ hours                       3

while loops, if-else statements                           3 hours

Using files                                                          2 hours

Top-down programming, stepwise refinement     1 hour                           4

Programming style                                              1 hour


Introduction to functions in C++                         7 hours                          5

Function prototypes, parameter transmission

by value, reference parameters


Nested ifs, do-while,                                        4 ½ hours                       6

(opt: switch, break, continue statements)

Logical and relational operators, type bool


One-dimensional arrays                                    6 hours                            7

Introduction to operating systems,                    1 ½ hours

database, programming languages, etc.            (before test 2)


Strings, using library functions,                         4 hours                             8

programmer-defined functions


Sorting and searching                                      4 hours                             9


Decimal, binary, and hexadecimal                   2 hours                             handout on CISC 1110 Web page

  base systems                                             (before test 2
                                                                      or final)


Introduction to simple classes                         3 hours                            10

 (without member functions)


     labs                                                        14 hours

     class exams and review                             6 hours


Total                                                            70 hours