Assignment 0                Atrium                do this today


 Go to the Atrium, 1306 Plaza, and get your UNIX account.  They will give you:

  1. Your username (account id) which is probably your initials followed by a part of your last name.
  2. Your temporary password, which you will change.

The screen may be dark. Press the RETURN key till it lights up. At the login prompt, type in your user name:

login: username 


At the password prompt, type in your temporary password (UNIX is case sensitive):

password: temporary_password


When you login for this first time, you will be asked to change your password. Hopefully you will have thought of a good password before you get to the Atrium. It must be between 6 and 8 characters long, and it should have at least 2 characters that are letters and at least 2 characters that are not letters. The letters in the password should not be a name or a word in any language. It should be something you can remember without writing it down because you should not write the password down anywhere! Type in your old password (the temporary one) and your new password twice (to make sure you don't make a mistake). It will then log you off automatically and tell you to come back after it has updated the password. This may take between 5 minutes and an hour. Try again at 6, 26 and 46 minutes after the hour.

 Get a different machine when you login the second time. Give your username and the password you selected (which you can change at any time by using the passwd command). At the shell prompt (if you are not telnetting in) type

          $ atrium90> openwin


          $ atrium90>netscape&


In Netscape, go to acc6.its.brooklyn.cuny (or acc4).  Choose Atrium Sun Guide. Click on Table of Contents . Read at least General Information, Editing and OpenWindows. (Print them and the table of contents). Come back and read the rest soon and then again in a few weeks.


Assignment 0:Type, compile and run a C program that prints your name, user id, email and phone number. List all previous and current college level Math and Computer Science courses, the term and the name of the instructor (if you took it in Brooklyn College) or the name of the school. (optional: your grade). Hand in the listing of the program and neat output. Due in 1 week (preferably 2 days).