Pr. Cogan                                                                   Assignment #21

CIS 16,  Fall 2001                                                                  Due Date:



·        Declare a structure that holds a name in the form of “last, first” (This is only one string) and an age for each person.

·        Use typedef to declare a meaningful structure name for this structure.

·        Your main( ) will call a void function that will:

1.     Declare an array that will hold ten (10) of these structures.

2.     Read values from a file.

3.     Print the name of the oldest person in the form “first last”.



Run your program with the following data:

          Helpful, Harry  18

          Laugher, Leo  38

          Smiley, Scott  28


Hand in a listing of the file, a listing of your program and the output.





Don’t forget to comment your program and include the following:

/* Your Name

 * Class and Section

 * Assignment #_________

 * Date Due_____________

 * Date Submitted________