Assignments      CIS 1.5

You are expected to submit:

1.     Program listing(s).

2.     Contents of input and output files.

3.     Contents of output window.

4.     Memory trace: a list of the variables in the program and the values they take on during the execution of the program.

5.     Handcheck: the calculation that a human would do to solve the problem. The program should not influence the handcheck. Once the program has been run, compare the handcheck result to the output. If they aren't the same, find the error and correct it.


Please include the following at top of the listing and the output:

·       name

·       class and section

·       assignment number

·       date due

·       date submitted

·       Name of file (just on listing)

·       Description of what the program does (and how).


Programs must be

·       complete

·       correct

·       in good style (indenting, meaningful identifiers)

·       well documented (comments in programs, headings on tables and labels in output)


Add the “handwritten stuff” to your program as a big comment at the end.


Assignments will be emailed to the class list. Join the list! It can also be used to ask questions and have discussions.


Email your assignments to
Subject: submitting assignment assignment_number your_name
When you do this correctly, you will get an acknowledgement e-mail.
Here is the URL to get Bloodshed Dev C++:
There is a link at the left to the download page.

Doing the exercises before the assignment you hand in will ultimately save you time.  Writing pseudocode will save time, too. Don’t try to get away with it.


If you use the same name for your program file and your data file, they will share the same backup file (which is dangerous).


If tutors (or friends) are writing (or running) your program, you are not learning how to do it. Ask for help when you are stuck but do not let anyone write any code for you or touch your machine.


Adding extra print statements may help you debug. Feel free to learn how to use the debugger.


Do a written trace before coming to me or to a  tutor with questions.


Save your work every 10-15 minutes.


Alternate method to print output


To copy text from MS-DOS to  clipboard:
     1. Right click anywhere an open DOS window.
     2. Left click Select all.
     4. Press Enter. (This copies the text to the clipboard.)
     5. Press paste in any word processor (including Dev-C++) and
print from that word processor. (Right click the mouse in a word processor and
select Paste to paste.)