Review Sheet                 CISC 1110 (Subject to change)


See outline before, and summary after, each chapter. Examples and exercises in book.

Class notes, workbook, assignments


hardware, software, algorithm, program, languages, compilation and execution, program


Chap 1 and 2   variables, assignment, cout, comments, for, int, ++, +=, etc


                        double, if, arithmetic operators, relational operators, precedence, library functions


Chap 3             cin, if-else, header vs. trailer, while, file output (and input)


Chap 4             nested loops,  constants, char


Chap 5             functions, parameters, prototypes, void, driver, function calling function, reference parameters


Steps in programming, pseudocode, tracing, bugs, debugging,style, documentation, ++, +=, (?:)

count, sum, average, donít divide by 0, max, min, factorial, divisor of, odd/even, Fibonacci


Chap 6             do-while, nested if

Logical operators: !    &&    ||

bool, true, false, (0 is false, any other integer is true (machine uses 1)), (switch, break, continue)


Chap 7             one dimensional arrays: to tally, arrays as parameters, end of file


Chap 9             Linear Search, Bubble Sort (fill in chart)


Chap 8             string class and its functions, manipulating strings with user defined functions

                        Ordering char by ASCII, ordering strings lexicographically


Chap 10           Simple classes


Decimal, binary and hexadecimal number systems


History of computing, Applications