Assignment 15 Forms    Due in two weeks. Don't wait till last day.

You may want to refer to a tutorial on creating HTML forms , to here, to one of the links (W3C is always good), or to any other tutorial you find that is good. Please share your discoveries with the class list.

Feel free to change the content to anything that performs similar operations.

Create an order form in a separate Web page. Add a link from your home page to the new page. Create a form that contains three texts, submit, reset, and a button. Use a table to set it up nicely. In the first textbox, put a default price. Ask the user to enter the quantity.When the user clicks a button, call a function to calculate the result and put it into the third textbox. Have the user "confirm" something and act accordingly (I can't think of an example right now).
Submit your form. Forward the email that you get along with your URL to:
subject: submitting assignment 15 your_name
Be sure to include your identifying info for your grade.
Be sure to get an acknowledgement e-mail.