Assignment 4 Tables    Due in one week

Please put a link to your email on your homepage.

You may want to refer to a tutorial on creating HTML tables , to a short summary of HTML tags used in creating tables, to one of the links or to any other tutorial you find that is good. Please share your discoveries with the class list.

    Do each of the following in a separate Web page. Add links from your home page to the new pages. Have the new pages open in a second window. Have the new pages link back to your home page.
  1. Create a table which contains information about the courses during two semsters. The table should have one row for each course. The following information about the courses will be organized in columns under headings.

    In the leftmost column, put the names of the semesters. These should span multiple rows. Here is an example of spanning multiple rows

    The table should also have a caption, background colors and a pretty border.

    Feel free to change this to the content of your choice.

  2. Choose one or more of the following (Extra credit for extra work). Use only one table for each.

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subject: submitting assignment 4 your_name
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