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Bulletin Description

A comprehensive survey of the design, implementation, history and use of the Internet. Data communications and network concepts, TCP/IP, client-server computing, e-mail and web applications, HTML and client-side scripting tools. Security issues, financial and political applications, ethical concerns.



Core 5 or 5.1 or a course in computing. Not open to students who have completed CIS 13 or higher.


These are not necessarily in order.

Required Textbooks

New Perspectives on The Internet 5th. Edition. Comprehensive, Schneider and Evans, Thomson Course Technology, 2004

This book has an Online Companion.


Internet Technologies at Work , Hofstetter, Fred T., McGraw-Hill, 2005.

See also a list of References


You may not submit work done by another person.
The CUNY Policy and the Report of the Committee on Academic Integrity

Class participation may affect your grade by up to 10%. Questions about the material being discussed are welcome. Disturbances are not.
Classes will be a combination of lecture, powerpoint, examples, discussions and labs. The URL's will be given in class. Exams will cover class work, textbook(s), and homeworks.


Read Tutorial 1 of the text.
In tutorial 2 we'll do only the first 2 sessions.
In tutorial 3 we'll do only the first 2 sessions.
Read each tutorial in the text as we get to it. Do not submit the following:
  1. Do the QuickChecks.
  2. Review the Key Terms.
  3. Do the Lab Assignment on the Student Online Companion (preferably from a fast connection).
Go to the lab, pick up your account information and do Assignment 0 .


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