UNIX Links
For beginners and advanced users.
On this page you will find useful UNIX links.  The pages contain detailed explanations of the UNIX commands with examples and exercises.  

Don't forget about the "man" command that provides information about any command.

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UNIX Tutorial for Beginners.
It contains an Introduction to the UNIX Operating System. There are 8 tutorials starting with the simple commands and ending with UNIX packages and variables.  Each topic has its own commands with explanations and examples.
UNIX Help for Users
This page contains 4 sections: Tasks, Commands, Concepts and Utilities.
Each section contains sub-topics with explanations and examples.  It has a very good explanation of the
vi editor (http://UNIXhelp.ed.ac.uk/vi/index.html) with the description of the commands and how to use the vi editor.  It contains information on Transferring Files using FTP or HHCP. (http://UNIXhelp.ed.ac.uk/tasks/ftp.html)
Electronic Help Desk
This page contains an Alphabetized List of UNIX commands with explanations and examples of use.  It acts like a "man" command in your UNIX system.  It contains references for the pico (http://www.ualberta.ca/HELP/editors/pico.html) and the vi (http://www.ualberta.ca/HELP/UNIX/vi_.html) editors with examples and explanations of their differences.
Idaho State University: A Basic UNIX Tutorial
A great web site that contains detailed explanation of the UNIX concepts and of each command and its use.  Provides diagrams for the topics to help you understand the UNIX structure.  Provides some examples of use, but mostly concentrates on the concepts behind the UNIX system.
This is a UNIX page of Rave Harpaz, a doctoral student from Brooklyn College.
It contains the information about the shells and its variables and help about the shell programming. It provides help about the programming in UNIX and many examples.
The UNIX Environment at DePaul University
This is very organized web site that provides many examples and explanations.  It provides tutorial for the beginners and for advance users.  There are references to the Internet Applications in the UNIX environment and to many other advance topics.  There is an introduction to UNIX system with step by step instructions.
A great online help organized in the form of the book, chapter by chapter explanations with examples and exercises.  It is a good supplementary reference for any UNIX book.
The site belongs to:
1996 University Technology Services, The Ohio State University, Baker Systems Engineering Building,
1971 Neil Avenue, Columbus, OH 43210.
UNIX Short Course - "Basic through Advanced UNIX, FTP and E-mail in Two Lessons"
Created by Patty Glynn and Richard McMillan, Center for Social and Demographic Analysis. 1/25/2000
This is a .pdf file that requires the Acrobat Reader. It is very organize and provides definitions of most commonly used UNIX terms, description of commands and explanation of UNIX concepts.  It includes the e-mail programs and FTP.
Computer Hope: UNIX, Linux, and DOS
This page provides an alphabetized listing of all of the UNIX commands with examples and explanations.  It provides information about Linux and how it is different from UNIX.  It shows the relationship between UNIX and DOS.

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