Errors in the Reed Textbook

  1. The Reed text contains the following statement (p.16, similar idea in Figure 1.13, p.13):

    "The Internet is hardware - a vast, international network of computers that traces its roots back to the 1960s. The World Wide Web is a collection of software that spans the Internet and enables the interlinking of documents and resources."

    Please be aware that the statement cited above is a gross oversimplification: The Internet is the communication medium that moves information from one point to another across multiple networks. (The Internet is an "Interconnection of Networks".) This requires both hardware and software. The WWW is a service that runs "on top of" the Internet and uses a combination of protocols and software to provide access to and enable the interlinking of documents and resources.

    The point is not a hardware/software divide. Rather that the Internet is the underlying communication network, and that many different services run "over" the Internet. Although many people think that the Internet==WWW, the Internet predates the WWW and other services (such as email, ftp, telnet, gopher) were established long before the WWW came about, and can still be used independently of the WWW.

  2. Bottom of page 217: "1*8 + 1*4 + 1*2 + 1*1 = 13" should be 1*8 + 1*4 + 0*2 + 1*1 = 13