GRADING For students CISC 1115 revised Aug 2017


Programs 0-10. 0 gets just a , +, - (or whatever, but not a grade in the total).

Some may have to be be resubmitted. Resubmitted programs are graded as of date of resubmission. They also lose 10% per resubmission.


Grade 0 10. Approximately (assuming program does the job)

- 0.5 per class late (Accept no assignment more than 4 assignments late.)

+ 0.5 for each class early

- 5 incorrect output (resubmit)

-1 for incorrect trace and handcheck

- 1 incorrect data

- 1 for lack of comments or poor style

+ 1 for extra nice work

-1 per resubmit


Submit only your own work. Divide the grade by the number of people who submit the same program.


Develop good style.

-        comments (including name of file and what the program does)

-        spacing

-        indentation

-        meaningful identifier names

-        methods

-        no global variables (must send to method everything it uses)

-        Before a loop, enter only the values needed for testing the condition. Rest of data is entered inside the loop.


See sheet of assignment instructions on webpage.


You must always submit handcheck and memory trace (unless there is none or it is specifically noted otherwise in assignment).