Review Sheet                 CISC 1115   (Subject to change)


Read text in advance. It’s free and short!!


·       Lectures and labs

·       Textbook, workbook, assignments.


Hardware, software, algorithm, program, languages, compilation and execution, program

Steps in programming, pseudocode, tracing, bugs, debugging, style, documentation, ++, +=, (?:)

Count, sum, average, don’t divide by 0, max, min, factorial, divisor of, odd/even, Fibonacci

Decimal, binary and hexadecimal number systems

Algorithms to keep straight:

·       Max/min-compare current to value being remembered

·       Linear search-compare each element to the value for which you are searching

·       Binary search and its friends (guess numbers, squareroot)

·       Bubble sort- compare each element to the next one

·       Consecutive Duplicates-compare each element to the next one




 (A) Basics

            (1) Preliminaries

                        A basic model of actual computer systems and the internet

                        Computer terms

                        History of computing

                        Building software: programming languages, compilers, testing

                        Programmers and users

            (2) Hello, World
                        Simple one method (main) programs

                        Standard output

                        String literals


(B) Arithmetic Calculations

            (1) Numbers

                        Output (print/println) of, literals of,

                        Declarations of variables

                        Operations of the int and double data types

                        Declaration initialization, final variables (constants)

                        Assignment operators, exchange (swap) algorithm, increment, and decrement

                        Distinction between integer and double arithmetic, divisibility, parity

                        Expressions, precedence, mixed arithmetic and casting

            (2) Input and Output in Programs

                        Input using Scanner, methods: nextInt, nextDouble;

                        The import statement

                        Formatted output (printf)

(C) Other Types: Strings and Logical

            (1) Strings

                        Output of, literals,


Operations of String and their use (concat, length, substring (both forms), indexOf/lastIndexOf (both forms), trim, toUpperCase, toLowerCase, charAt, compareTo, equals)

                        Primitive vs Reference [Object] types: operator vs methods

                        The char data type

                        Input using Scanner, methods: next, nextLine;

            (2) Logical

                        The boolean type; declaring boolean variables

                        Relational operators

                        Assigning to boolean variables; flags

                        Logical operators

                        The conditional operator

                        Range checking

(D) Methods

            (1) Calling Static Methods

                        Invocation, arguments, and return values

                        Current time (System.currentTimeMillis)

                        Strings to ints/doubles: Integer.parseInt, etc.

                        The Math class and its methods (sqrt, random)


            (2) Java API Documentation (System, Math, Scanner, String, PrintStream)

            (3) Static Method Definition

                        Parameter declaration, return type, the return statement

                        Method scope

                        Void methods

                        Predicate methods

            (4) Overloading Methods; signature and prototype

(E) Control

            (1) Branching

                        Compound statements

                         if, if—else

                        Cascading if—else

                        Nested if, if—else

            (2) Loops

                        Counting loops: for

                        Testing loops: while

                        Loop body logic: selection, counting, accumulation, extremes, adjacency logic

                        Alternate testing loops: do—while

            (3) Input Loops

                        Headers and counting loops (for)

                        Sentinel (aka "trailer") loops (while)

                        End of data loops (while and hasNext, hasNextInt, hasNextDouble)

            (4) Nested Loops

(F) Arrays

            (1) Basics:

                         Declaration of array reference variables

                        Creation and initialization of arrays

                        Array access

            (2) Traversals:

                        Sequential Processing

                        Assignment, selection, counting, accumulation, extremes, adjacency logic


            (3) Array-array operations (copying, comparing, arithmetic element-to-element ops)

            (4) Direct indexed array element access

            (5) Searching:



            (6) Sorting: one or more simple quadratic sorts (selection, bubble, ...)

(G) External Files

            (1) File names vs File objects vs File streams

            (2) Scanner constructor with File object

            (3) The importance of close

(H) Using the JAVA API Documentation

            (1) File names vs File objects vs File streams