Professor Jim Cox

Brooklyn College
CIS Department

Address: Jim Cox
CIS Department
Brooklyn College
2900 Bedford Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11210
Telephone: 718-951-4710

Research Interests:

Recent Research Publications

  1. "Topological zone segmentation of scalar volume data" (with D.B. Karron, N. Ferdous), Journal of Mathematical Imaging and Vision, Vol 18, pp 95-117, 2003.
  2. "Digital Morse Theory for Anatomical Modeling" (with D. Karron), Proceedings of IEEE BMES-EMBS first joint conference, 1999.
  3. "A System and Method for Surface Rendering of Internal Structures within the Interior of a Solid Body", co-invetor, U.S. patent 5, 898, 793, Apr. 27, 1999.
  4. "The SpiderWeb Algorithm for Surface Construction from Medical Volume Data: Geometric Properties of its Surfaces" (with D. Karron), Innovation et Technologie en Biologie et Medecine, 14(6), 1993.
  5. "New Findings from the Spider Web Algorithm: Toward A Digital Morse Theory" (with B. Mishra and D. Karron), Proceedings of the Visiualization in Biomedical Computing Conference, VBC 94, 1994.
  6. "Extracting 3D Objects from Volume Data Using Digital Morse Theory" (with D.B. Karron), Proceedings of Computer Vision, Virtual Reality, and Robotics in Medicine Conference, 1995.

Other Papers

  1. "Advanced Search" (with T. Marsland and D. Kopec), CRC Handbook of Computer Science an Engineering, 2003.
  2. "Decision Procedures Constraint-based Extensions of Datalog" (with Ken McAloon), Constraint Logic Programming: Selected Rearch (edited by F. Benhamon and A. Colmerauer), MIT Press, 1993.
  3. "Computational Complexity and Constraint Logic Programming Languages" (with K. McAloon and C. Tretkoff), Annals of Mathematics and Artifical Intelligence, 5, 1992.
  4. "NL Heirarchy" (with J. Chen and B. Mishra), Information Processing Letters 39, 1991.
  5. "On-line Motion Planning: Case of a Planar Rod" (with Chee Yap), Annals of Mathematics and Artificial Intelligence, 1 (3) 1991.

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