Funny sentence program:

Make a program that uses
Create a mix and match sentence that is spoken out loud.
Use the ATT Voice program to create your spoke text.

Set the display properties to 800x600 dimensions. Display the program Full Screen. Offer a way to have the user exit. Use an Exit button. Publish your program as a standalone Windows Projector (EXE) file.

Form a sentence with a selection of the following:
article (or possessive pronouns)         noun       verb     preposition    article      noun

Allow the user to select the words for the sentence. Each choice will have a default of "Please Select". After the sentence is selected a user will press a "speak" button to have the sentence read aloud. If the person did not make a selection, produce an error statement telling the user to please select a word from each menu choice.

When the person presses the speak button, set a text field to show the current sentence that will be played.

A "reset" button will be used to have the program reset. Clear the text field, and reset the drop down lists to be "Please Select". If you can, also stop the current sentence from being spoken (if it is already being spoken).

To make the program user friendly, do not label to the drop down lists by their grammatical names. I only list it for your reference. Just leave it unlabled.

The following videos will help with the program:
Forms - Shows how to use fields and drop down lists.
Guessing Game - Shows how to use sounds.
Full Screen - Shows how to do a full screen program.

Flash Help:
stopAllSounds - Stop all the sounds playing, you might have to use a flag to stop the sentence from going to the next word.
onSoundComplete - When one sound is finished, play the next sound. Play all the sounds in order to complete the sentence.

article          The
possessive pronouns (take the place of possessive nouns)
my, your
Use all three.

noun            Pick 3 nouns

verb            Pick 3 verbs

preposition type of connecting word that connects nouns with objects: Pick 3. Examples are: to, over, from, by, on. There are other grammatic ones too.

article         Definite Articles: the          Indefinite Articles: a (an),some, my, your. Use three, but use a following noun that will sound grammatically correct for a (or an), depending which one you use.

noun           Pick 3 nouns (different nouns than the previous noun drop down list).

Example sentences:
the cow went to the farm
the car drove on some road
my bird flew by the house

You are welcome to use more than 3 choices for each listing, if you so desire.