Get ready, get set, here we go!

If you get the answer wrong, the computer will insult you. But because I'm a nice guy, in the insult is a clue to the correct answer!

1. How many oceans are there actually?

2. What term used to use describe etchings made on ivory or whale teeth?

3. The term "tidal wave" is no longer used for large waves that can inundate the coastlines. What is term that is used for these huge waves?

4. What term is used to cover the overall economic contribution of the oceans and coasts to the national economy?

5. The ocean has inspired many artistic responses. What is the famous book about whaling written by Herman Melville?

6. What is the theory called that discusses an event and the percception of interpretation of the event called?

7. What term used to use describe the attribution of human characteristics to non humans?

8. what term is used to indicate that a person is using the categories of their own culture to analye another?

9. Where is most "fresh wateer" found?

10. What is the most common mineral found in sea water?

Answers will come with the next game.