1. What is the current called where water from waves returns to the ocean?

2. What term is used for the movement of waters and nutrients from lower levels to the upper levels?

3. What direction does the thermocline move in the eastern Pacific during an "El Niņo"?

4. What event similar to El Niņo occurs in the Indian Ocean?

5. Which hemisphere contains more water than the other?

6. Which of the three major "oceans" does not flow from both polar regions?

7. Which of the 6 items we examined relative to their changes at depth is the most irregular?

8. From which direction do the winds blow during an El Niņo event?

9. Of what doers water rid itself when it starts to freeze?

10. Specifically what kind of organisms "fix" nitrogen?


1. In what direction to fluids moving in the northern hemisphere deflect?
Ans. to the right

2.As air warms, what movement does make?
Ans. rises

3. What part of the hurricane is the calmest on land but the worst on the ocean?
Ans. the eye

4. What are "Old Sow" and "Corryvreckan"?
Ans. whirlpools

5. What are tornados occurring over water known as?
Ans. water spouts

6. What term is used for a gradient of some aspect of the water as one goes deeper?
Ans. cline

7. What is the effect known as that causes fluids to deflect when they travel on a sphere?
Ans. Coriolis

8. What is the water that rises up onto the shore as the result of a storm known as?
Ans. Storm surge

9. In what city in the U.S. was the worst ocean related disaster?
Ans. Galveston

10. What do "Hadley", "Ferrell" and "polar" refer to in meteorology (the study of weather)?
Ans. cells