EGAD! The end is near!

1. What group of peoples on the NW Coast, despite a treaty with the US government, coluntarily gave up hunting the gray whale until it was removed from the endnagered species list?

2. There are 2 major groups of activists involved in sometimes violent interactions with people who make their living from the sea. One group involves "environmentalist groups". What is the other?

3. The International Whaling Commission defines three kinds of whaling - commercial and aboriginal are two. What is the third type?

4. What government suggested the Japanese resume whaling at the end of WWII, to give the Japanese more food?

5. What current social theory deals with analysis of social material as "texts"?

6. What kind of pollutant were in shampoos, toothpastes and other such cleaning agents?

7. What chemical was involved in the Minamata disease?

8. What kind of matter was used to insulate electral materials and keep them cool? These were later made illedal but some got into the water around NYC with the Con Edison explosion a few years ago.

9. What natural phenomenon causes oil to appear appears in the ocean?

10. What term is used to indicate increasing amount of a pollutant as one moces up the food chain?


1.What shell fish is involved in a prohibition about eating them in months lacking an "r"?
Ans. oysters.

2. What did one of the Japanese gods contact that brought about the Japanese misogi rituals?
Ans. the dead

3. Sumo(o) is the Japanese form of wrestling, which has religious implications. Before bouts what is thrown to purify the ring?
Ans. salt

4. At how many feet (or meters) under the water is a person subjected to another atmosphere pressure?
Ans. 33 feet or 10 meters

5. What ailment affected the Greek divers when they went from "skin" diving to using "hard hats" for diving?
Ans. Decompression sickness/illness, the bends, caissons disease

6. What kind of shell was found in Adena and Hopewell cultures in the Ohio Valley that made archaeologists aware of trading routes to the Pacific?
Ans. abalone

7. What shell can be played like some kind of horn? It is used in the South Pacific and in Latin America as well.
Ans. conch

8. What term is used for pearls that result from irritants introduced by people into shell fish?
Ans. cultured pearls

9. What native term is used for the beads made from shell called that are used to carry messages among the Indians of the N.E. Woodlands?
Ans. wampum

10. What is the study of past cultures from their material remains known as?
Ans. archaeology