Week 10 - EGAD! Only four more weeks to go (maybe)!

1. What concept has been defined as "That which occurs when humans come together in social organization" ?

2. Each pair of terms "Language" and "language" and "Culture" and "culture" are distingished in the first refers to something universal while the second referes to something ____?

3. By what term do anthropologist refer to the lowest stage of food production?

4. In the evolutionist approach to technology, what is the middle level of food production known as?

5. About how many years ago is there the ealiest evidence for deep water fishing?

6. What fish gives evidence for the earliest site of deep water fishing.

7. What fish was heavily overfished in the area of the Grand Banks?

8. What are the kinds of changes that are changes in amount known as?

9. One aspect of culture deals with social structure. What does the other aspect deal with?

10. In what are the fish raised in aquaculture as opposed to where they are raised in fish farming?


1. What is the areas called where rivers meet the ocean??
ANSWER: estuaries

2. Kelp lacks roots, but have something which looks something like them. What are they called?
ANSWER: hold fasts

3. What process, other than photosynthesis, do some autotrophs use to manufacture their own food?
ANSWER: chemosynthesis

4. What environmental niche is apparent from a tangle of roots above the surface of the water?
ANSWER: mangroves

5. In the process of photosynthesis, what is produced in addition to oxygen?
ANSWER: sugar

6. What is a common cause of the sudden rapid growth of algae (algal bloom)?
ANSWER: protista

7. What kind of giant animal lives near the hydrothermal vents?
ANSWER: giant tube worms

8. By what term are the trophc levels commonly refer?
ANSWER: Food chain

9. What term is used for the organism at the top of the trophic level?
ANSWER: Apex predator

10. Where does most pollution in the ocean come from?
ANSWER: (the) land