Week 11 - Closing in on the end!

1. What are fish which are caught in nets but are not used to sell but are often just dumped back overboard known as?

2. What kind of net opens at the bottom edge and then, later, pulled closed traps fish inside?

3. What is it called when a vessel drags a net behind it to catch fish?

4. What term is defined by "The greatest catch of a species that will ensure the long term viability of the species"

5. What kind of overfishing occurs when the mature adult population (spawning biomass) is depleted to a level where it no longer has the reproductive capacity to replenish itself—there are not enough adults to produce offspring?

6. Do you remember which whale that was endangered has been removed from the endangered species list?

7. Which whale is the most endangered?

8. In early anthroplogical theory the idea was proposed that there was an evolutionary sequence that reached its pinnacle with "Science" What was the earliest subject in that evolutionary sequence?

9. What term is used for a carving found on the bow (front) of a ship)?

10. What characteristic do magic and science share a characteristic that is lacking in religion?


1. What concept has been defined as "That which occurs when humans come together in social organization"?
ANSWER: Culture - actually it only should be "Culture" and not "culture" The quiz does not deal with upper vs. lower case letters though

2. Each pair of terms "Language" and "language" and "Culture" and "culture" are distingished in the first refers to something universal while the second referes to something ____?
ANSWER: specific

3. By what term do anthropologist refer to the lowest stage of food production?
ANSWER: huntiing and gathering

4. In the evolutionist approach to technology, what is the middle level of food production known as?
ANSWER: horticulture

5. About how many years ago is there the ealiest evidence for deep water fishing?
ANSWER: 40,000

6. What fish gives evidence for the earliest site of deep water fishing.
ANSWER: tuna

7. What fish was heavily overfished in the area of the Grand Banks?

8. What are the kinds of changes that are changes in amount known as?
ANSWER: quantitative

9. One aspect of culture deals with social structure. What does the other aspect deal with?
ANSWER: symbolic

10. In what are the fish raised in aquaculture as opposed to where they are raised in fish farming?
ANSWER: tanks