Week 13 - Is this a lucky or unlucky number for you?

1. At how many feet under water does the pressure increase by one atmospheres.

2. What medical condition is associated with a too rapid ascent from under the ocean?

3. To what kind of diving did the Greek sponge divers switch that caused them to have medical problems?

4. What term is used for the women who dive for food, pearls and other underwater forms?

5. What organ has enlarged in the Bajou that makes them able to dive to great depths for longer periods of time?

6. Name any one of the three kinds of whaling defined by the International Whaling Commission?

7. Which group that has treaty rights to whale, gave up whaling voluntarily because the kind of whale they hunted was endangered.

8. What kind of shell is used as a kind of "trumpet"?

9. From what is "Wampum" made?

10. After what event did the American government encourage the Japanese to return to whaling?


1. Technically, what are stories believed to be true and sacred called?

2. What term is used for fish born in the sea but spawn in fresh water?
ANSWER: catadromous

3. What is the eerie glow (that is of meteorological origin), that appears on ships called?
ANSWER: St. Elmo's Fire

4. What fish is the largest bony fish?
ANSWER: oarfish

5. What animal is thought to be the stimulus for the "kraken"
ANSWER: (giant) squid

6. What is related to sea water that is considered purifying in Japanese culture?
ANSWER: salt

7. What term is used for the "untouchable" caste in Japan?

8. What are people who have "crossed the line" known as?
ANSWER: shellbacks

9. What are rituals called that mark a change of status?
ANSWER: "rites of passage" or "rites of transition"

10. What is the mysterious area of the ocean called where ships, it was claimed, were said to be becalmed for generations?
ANSWER: Sargasso Sea