Week 6 - almost the halfway point!

1. What are organisms that live just below the ocean floor known as?

2. What term is usedfor a kind of sea weed which can grow 30 to 80 meters in length (100 feet to over 260 feet).

3. What term is used for photosynthetic organisms, usually small, but some are quite large like the seaweeds?

4. What phylum of animal is consideed the simplest of the animals?

5. What term is used to describe coral when Zooxanthellae leave it?

6. What are the major group of animals found in the Chondrichthyes?

7. Technically, what term is used for an ecological interaction between at least two species (=partners) where both partners benefit from the relationship.

8. What organism is the major preditor of sharks?

9. To which phylum do lobsters and crabs belong?

10. What huge jellyfish is causing problems for the Japanese in terms of fishing and cooling system in mucear reactors?


1. 1. What term is used for an area where there is a sudden change in some characteristic?
ANSWER: cline

2. What organism is most responsible for "fixing" nitrogen?
ANSWER: Cyanobacteria

3. Which of the five qualities we measured for change in depths of the ocean has the most irregular graph?
ANSWER: oxygen

4. What causes nutrients to be brought to a level in the ocean where photosynthesis takes place?
ANSWER: upwelling

5. During El Nino Conditions, on which side of the Pacific is the low pressure area?

6. What term is used for the equivalent of ENSO in the Indian Ocean?
ANSWER: Monsoon

7. What part of the Darwinian theory of evolution was changed to create "Neo-Darwinism"?
ANSWER: Natural variaation

8. Which level of organization is written with an upper case (capital) letter?
ANSWER: genus

9. What state is nearest the largest whirlpool in the Americas?

10. Currently how many "kingdoms" are defined?