Week 6 - almost the halfway point!

1. Few reptiles are found in the ocean. Which is the most common one?

2. What, specifically, is the largest mammal found in the ocean?

3. What term is used for the "plastic like" material (that really is keratin) that hangs down from the whale’s gums in toothless whales?

4. What bird is the most adapted to marine living?

5. What important ecological niche, often found in pelagic water and is about as diverse as a rain forest in its animal life?

6. What is a common cause of the sudden rapid growth of algae (algal bloom)

7. The outlawing of the hunting of what animal seems to have caused an increase in the number of shark attacks on people in Cape Cod Bay?

8. What is the longest structure in the world made by non human animals andis now a world heritage site?

9. The overfishing of some fish lead to a decline kelp. This is the result that environments are made up of many interactive parts. What do we call the kind of analysis needed to see these?

10. What animal was thought to be the "origin" of mermaid stories?


1. 1. What are organisms that live just below the ocean floor known as?
ANSWER: Infauna

2. What term is usedfor a kind of sea weed which can grow 30 to 80 meters in length (100 feet to over 260 feet).

3. What term is used for photosynthetic organisms, usually small, but some are quite large like the seaweeds?
ANSWER: algae

4. What phylum of animal is consideed the simplest of the animals?
ANSWER: proifera or sponges

5. What term is used to describe coral when Zooxanthellae leave it?
ANSWER: bleached

6. What are the major group of animals found in the Chondrichthyes?
ANSWER: Sharks

7. Technically, what term is used for an ecological interaction between at least two species (=partners) where both partners benefit from the relationship?
ANSWER: Mutualism

8. What organism is the major preditor of sharks?
ANSWER: humans, people or Homo sapiens would be correct

9. To which phylum do lobsters and crabs belong?
ANSWER: Arthropods

10. What huge jellyfish is causing problems for the Japanese in terms of fishing and cooling system in mucear reactors?
ANSWER: Nomura