CISC 1110 Lab 16

             Write a main program that tests the function add5(). The function is a modification of the functions shown in class.


             Above the main program include a prototype for the function add5().


             The main program will give values to two variables, num and val, print those variables together with messages, and then send those variables to the function add5().


             The function add5() receives two integer parameters, which it calls first and second. Make the parameter first a value parameter and the parameter second a reference parameter. Inside the function, print the original values of first and second together with messages, add 5 to each, print the parameters again with messages, and then return to main.

             After returning to main, have the main program print num and val, together with messages.


             Run the program.

             What is the difference between what happens to num and what happens to val in the function?