CISC 1110 Lab 23


     Write a definition for a class called vet_record that consists of 3 parts: info about the animal, info about the owner, and the balance due on the account. The info about the animal is stored in a class called animal_info (described below) and the info about the owner is stored in a class called owner_info (described below).

     Start by drawing the tree structure for class vet_record. Continue by creating two classes, as explained below.


     First, create a class called animal_info to contain information about the animal; this class has the following 4 parts:

· the name of the animal (like “Rover” or “Slime”)

· the type of animal (like “dog” or “cat” or “boa constrictor”)

· the age of the animal (an integer, like 5 or 2)

· the weight of the animal in pounds (like 3.6 or 15.87)


     Second, create a class called owner_info to hold information about the animal’s owner:

· the last name of the owner

· the phone number of the owner



      Now create the class vet_record by combining an object of class animal_info, an object of class owner_info, and the balance due (explained below) which is NOT an object, but a variable.

     The third part of vet_record is the balance due on the account (a number like $26.50).


      NEVER create a class or subclass that contains only one item. If there is only one item, it should be included by itself in the containing class.

     After creating the class definition, write a declaration for an array of objects of class vet_record. Call it pet. Make it big enough to hold info on 100 pets.