CISC 1110           Lab 9

Write three functions. 

The first function, called info, takes no parameters and returns no value. It simply prints “Waiting for the ” on the screen and does NOT go to a new line after printing.

The second function, called name_it, takes two integer parameters, which it calls train1 and train2. Each parameter is the number of a train (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, or 7). It prints the larger of the two numbers and goes to a new line.  It does not return a value.

The third function, called call_train, takes a single integer parameter which it calls n. The function uses n to control a loop. It prints “Here, train!” n times. So if the parameter n has the value 3, the function prints the message three times.

Write a complete main program calls these functions. In main, do not read in any values. Send two integers (variables or literals) as parameters to name_it, and send another integer as a parameter to call_train. Put the functions after the main program. Include prototypes for each of these functions. Save and run the program.

Sample output:  (this assumes the parameters to name_it are 2 and 5, and the parameter to call_train is 3)

Waiting for the 5

Here, train!

Here, train!

Here, train!