History of Computing/Parts of the Computer

Sample Questions

6. (1 pt apiece = 11 pts)


   a. Who solved the problem of the census of 1890?  __________________________________


   b. The first "programmer" was _________________________________________________.



   c. The first high-level programming language was ________________________________.  


   d. Which is the oldest of the following processing devices?  (put a check next to the oldest)


       _______ integrated circuits      ______ vacuum tubes    ______ transistors


   e. Where did we get the term "debugging"?    _______________________________________





    f. What does GUI stand for? ____________________________________________________


    g.   Personal computers, also known as microcomputers, began to appear in (circle one answer):

        a) 1950's          b) 1960's          c) 1970's           d) 1990's           e) 2000's



    h. What is Grace Hopper known for? _____________________________________________



    i. What is Charles Babbage known for? ___________________________________________



    j. What is the ALU? __________________________________________________________




   k. What is the difference between storing something in RAM and storing it on the hard disk?