Figures from Null & Lobur

Chapter 1: Data Representation

Figure 1.3 The Abstract Levels of Modern Computing Systems
Figure 1.4 The Von Neumann Architecture

Chapter 2: Data Representation

Table 2.2 Carry and Overflow
Table 2.3 Error Propagation

Chapter 3: Circuit Diagrams

Figure 3.16 4-bit shifter
Figure 3.17 A Simple 2-bit ALU
Figure 3.30 A 4-bit register
Figure 3.31 4-bit Synchronous Counter
Figure 3.32 4 x 3 Memory

Chapter 4: MARIE

Figure 4.1 Buses
Figure 4.2 Components of a Typical Bus
Figure 4.4 Memory
Figure 4.5 Memory as a Collection of RAM Chips
Figure 4.6 High-Order Memory Interleaving
Figure 4.7 Low-Order Memory Interleaving
Figure 4.8 MARIE's architecture
Figure 4.9 Datapath in MARIE
Figure 4.10 and Table 4.2
Figure 4.11 The Fetch-Decode-Execute Cycle
Figure 4.12 The Fetch-Decode-Execute Cycle with Interrupt Checking
Figure 4.13 Processing an Interrupt
Table 4.3 A Program to Add Two Numbers
Figure 4.14 A Trace of the Program to Add Two Numbers
Figure 4.15 Connection of MARIE's MBR to the Datapath
Table 4.8 ALU Signals
CU-generated signals for Add
Figure 4.16 Timing Diagram for the Microoperations of MARIE's Add Instruction
Figure 4.17 Hardwired Control Unit
Figure 4.18 Partial Instruction Decoder for MARIE's Instruction Set
Figure 4.19 Ring Counter Using D Flip-Flops
Figure 4.20 Combinational Logic for Signal Controls of MARIE's Add Instruction
Figure 4.21 Microprogrammed Control Unit
Figure 4.22 MARIE's Microinstruction Format
Table 4.9 Microoperation Codes and Corresponding MARIE RTL
Figure 4.23 Selected Statements in MARIE's Microprogram

Chapter 7: I/O Figures

Figure 7-1 A Model I/O Configuration
Figure 7-2 An I/O Subsystem Using Interrupts
PIO and Int pseudocode
Figure 7A.4 JPEG compression
Figure 7-5 A Sample DMA Configuration
Figure 7-6 A Channel I/O Configuration
Figure 7-12 Disk Sectors Showing Intersector Gaps and Logical Sector Format
Figure 7-13 Rigid Disk Actuator (with Read/Write Heads) and Disk Platters
Figure 7-16 The Internals of a CD-ROM Drive
Figure 7-24 RAID-0, Block Interleave Data Striping with No Redundancy
Figure 7-25 RAID-1, Disk Mirroring
Figure 7-27 RAID-3: Bit Interleave Data Striping with Parity Disk

Chapter 9 Figures

Table 9.1 Characteristics of RISC Machines vs CISC Machines