My email address:

            You can send email to me at any of the following addresses: or You may get responses from me from a different email address. Do NOT send mail to multiple addresses; it is all forwarded to one account.


My Web page:

This page contains links to files for your class. All your assignments, review sheets, sample tests, are available at this site. 

CIS 1.5 Web page: There is a separate Web page for CIS 1.5; everything there is also on my Web page except for the list of 1.5 faculty, but here's the URL:




            You MUST send me your email address within the first week of class. In this email, give me your name and the class you are in (1.5, 25, or 27.1 ).

            If you change your email address, you must send me the new one.

Using email

            You may use any email account to contact me. If you don't have an email account, the college will provide you one (ask at the Help desk in the computer center).You can also set up a free email account at other locations, such as,,,, or


Why you need email  

            I will send messages to the class via email. You are responsible for all material sent via email, and it is not an excuse to say that you didn't read your email or that you don't have an account, or that you didn't send me your email address, or that your mailbox is full.

            Send me email if you have questions about an assignment, if you are confused about something that I explained in class, if you were absent, if you have a great joke, whatever. I will try to respond quickly, but always within 24 hours.

            If necessary, I will send you email to make corrections to assignments or to inform you of material that I forgot to tell you in class.


Email Courtesy/Protection

            Please sign your name at the end of your email. Often your email program does not identify who you are, especially if you use AOL. If your email DOES allow you to include your name, do so. To include your name using Outlook Express, for example, look under Tools|Accounts, select the account and select Properties. Make sure that there is something in the Subject: line of your email that identifies you, your class, or the subject of your email. Due to the large number of viruses, I do not open any email from someone I do not recognize by name or subject. Also, my spam killer program sometimes deletes any email with a blank Subject: field.