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2LP: Linear Programming and Logical Programming

Ken McAloon and Carol Tretkoff

Logic Based Systems Lab
CUNY Graduate Center and Brooklyn College
2900 Bedford Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11210

The 2LP system is a step in a project whose grand design is to provide an elegant and powerful programming language environment for combining AI and OR methods for decision support software systems. In the dialogue between AI and OR, there are two basic themes: (1) declarative programming and the notion of logical consequence and, (2) procedural programming and the search algorithm in its many variations. Integrating AI and OR requires an environment that combines a modeling language with a logic based language. 2LP, which stands for "linear programming and logic programming," has the simplex based search mechanism of linear programming and the backtracking mechanism of logic programming built in. 2LP is both an algebraic modeling language and a logical control language. By bringing these techniques together in a language which has standard C style syntax and treats the mathematical module in an object-oriented way, this technology provides very powerful and usable tools for decision support programming. In this paper, after discussing the relationship of 2LP to other programming paradigms and introducing some of the features of the language, we present some examples of 2LP applications and discuss future directions.

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