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Parallel Integer Goal Programming

Parallel Integer Goal Programming

David Arnow, Ken McAloon and Carol Tretkoff

Dept. of Computer and Information Science
Brooklyn College, City University of New York
2900 Bedford Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11210

ABSTRACT: We present a vertical integration of linear programming, logic programming and distributed programming which in this paper is applied to a family of administrative problems that occur in many businesses and other organizations. These problems, which require integer goal programming, are both difficult to model and computationally demanding. 2LP is both a modeling language and a language that provides control for solving disjunctive programming problems. In 2LP inte- ger goal programs can be modeled in an elegant manner. Most important to this work, 2LP supports a mechanism for bringing parallel computing to bear on these problems. Using the distributed programming library DP as a substratum, we have developed a scheme for parallelizing integer goal programs in an efficient way. The result is twofold: a family of applications of broad interest and a systematic way of parallelizing them on a distributed programming system.

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