Curriculum Vitae of Professor Carol Tretkoff

Curriculum Vitae

Carol Tretkoff

Department of Computer and Information Science
Brooklyn College CUNY                           
Brooklyn NY 11210  
TEL: 718-951-4283 


1980 - 		Professor, Department of Computer and Information Science, 
		Brooklyn College  of CUNY  

               	Ph.D. Program in Computer Science

1986-87		Visiting Professor, Department of Computer Science, 
		Cornell University

1978-79		Research Staff Member, Institute for Defense Analysis

1977-78		Assistant Professor, Computer Science Department,
		Seton Hall University

1975-76		Visiting Mathematician, Mathematical Institute, 
		Oxford University

1970-71		Member of Technical Staff,
		Bell Labs


Ph.D.  New York University, October, 1974

M. S.  New York University, June, 1971

B. S.  Bucknell University, June, 1968


Operations Research Society of America 

Association for Computing Machinery

Association for Logic Programming

Current and Recent Grants

Computer Science Tools for Computationally Demanding Applications, $2,000,000, 
Department of Defense 6/96-6/01

Distributed Processing Across the Undergraduate Curriculum, $465,649, National 
Science Foundation, 7/95-6/98 

Computational Logic and Programming Environment Design,  $3,519, PSC-CUNY, 7/95-12/96

An Environment for Interwoven Declarative and Procedural Programming, $3,899, PSC-CUNY, 

Constraint Methods and Inference Engines for Expert Systems (with K. McAloon), $22,884, 
NSF, US-Korea Cooperative Research, 9/94-8/96

Logic and Optimization, (with K. McAloon),  $303,203, Office of Naval Research, 10/93-9/96. 

Teaching Tools for Decision Support Software (with K. McAloon), $22,500, CUNY Campus 
Partnership Program, 1/93-6/93.

Highly Parallel Constraint Logic Programming for AI and MIP Applications (with K. McAloon), 
$134,000, NSF,Division of Numeric and Symbolic Computation,  7/92-6/94.

Highly Parallel Constraint Logic Programming for AI and MIP Applications (with K. McAloon), 
$2,743, FRAP, 7/92-6/93.

Parallel Subrecursive Constraint Logic Programming, $3,000, PSC-CUNY, 7/91-6/92.

Constraints, Logic Programming and Rule-Based Systems (with K. McAloon), $180,000, NSF, 
Division of Information, Intelligent Systems and Robotics, 7/89-6/91.

Constraints, Logic Programming and Rule-Based Systems (with K. McAloon), $10,000, PSC-CUNY 
Research Grant, 7/89-6/90.

Applied Constraint Logic Programming (with K. McAloon), $17,000, NSF, US-Japan Collaborative 
Research, 4/89-6/92

Complexity of combinatorial problems in terms of subproblems with special emphasis on groups, 
PSC-CUNY, 7/88-12/89

The Complexity of Group Theoretic Algorithms, NSF Planning Grant  9/87-8/89

Current  Research  Interests   

Modeling Languages for Operations Research

Logical Methods in hard combinatorial problems

Parallel Constraint Logic Programming


Award from the Department of Energy for inovation in computational Science education, 
September, 1994

Current Professional Activities

Organizing special session at the INFORMS meeting in New Orleans, November, 1995 on the 
Interplay between Modeling and Programming.

Presenting tutorial on Optimization and Constraint Programming at CSTS in Dallas, 1996.

Organizing three day workshop on Logic and Optimization as part of the special year at DIMACS 
on Logic and Algorithms. 

Talk in the Combinatorial Computing Seminar at the Graduate Center, April, 1995.

Talk at City College, May 1995.


Optimization and Computational Logic (with Ken McAloon), John Wiley, 1996 (to appear)


Using Modules to Integrate Distributed Computing Across the CS Curriculum, (with D. Arnow and 
P. Whitlock) NSCCC, 1996.

2LP: Linear programming and logic programming (with K. McAloon), Proceedings of Principles and 
Practice of Constraint Programming, edited by P. van Hentenryck and V. Saraswat, MIT Press, 1995, 
pp 99-114. 

Parallel integer goal programming, (with D. Arnow and K. McAloon), Proceedings of the 1995 ACM 
Computer Science Conference, February, 1995, pp 42-47.

Disjunctive programming and distributed programming (with D. Arnow and K. McAloon) Sixth IASTED-ISMM 
Conference on Parallel and Distributed Computing and Systems, Washington DC, October, 1994.

2LP, Linear Programming and Logic Programming (with K. McAloon), Proceedings of Workshop on Principles 
and Practice of Constraint Programming 93, April 1993, pp 189-200.

2LP: a highly parallelconstraint logic programming language (with C. Atay and K. McAloon), Sixth SIAM 
Conference on Parallel Processing  for Scientific Computation, March, 1993.

Parallelism in 2LP (with C. Atay and K. McAloon), Proceedings of the ICLP Workshop on Constraint Logic 
Programming, November, 1992.

Computational complexity and constraint logic programming (with J. Cox and K. McAloon), Annals of Mathematics 
and Artificial Intelligence, 5 (1992) pp 163-190.

Constraint logic programming for AI and MIP applications (with K. McAloon),  Proceedings of the NACLP 1991 
Workshop on Expert Systems, AI and Software Engineering Applications.

Subrecursive constraint logic programming (with K. McAloon), Proceedings of the 1990 NACLP Workshop on Logic 
Programming Architectures and Implementations, J. Mills editor, pp 36-43. 

Computational complexity and constraint logic programming, Extended Abstract (with J. Cox and K. McAloon), 
Proceedings of the 1990 North American Conference on Logic Programming, MIT Press (1990) 401-415. 

Complexity, Combinatorial Group Theory and the Language  of Palutators, Theoretical Computer Science, 56, 1988, 

Bounded Oracles and Complexity Classes Inside Linear Space, Proceedings of the First Structure in Complexity 
Theory Conference, l986, edited by A. Selman, Lecture Notes in Computer Science 223, Springer-Verlag, pp 347-361

A  Topological Proof of a Theorem of Brunner and Burns (with M. Tretkoff), Combinatorial Methods in Algebraic 
Geometry and Topology, Contemporary Mathematics 44, American Mathematical Society, 1985, pp 85-90

Combinatorial Group Theory, Riemann Surfaces and  Differential Equations (with M. Tretkoff), Contributions to 
Group Theory, edited by Appel, Ratcliffe and Schupp, Contemporary Mathematics, 33, American Mathematical 
Society, 1984, pp 455-517

Representations of Automorphism Groups of Free Groups (with W. Magnus), Proceedings of the Oxford Conference 
on Word and Decision Problems, North Holland Publications, 1980, pp 25-29

Two classified publications written at the Institute for Defense Analysis. These included work on    the design and 
implementation of an algorithm for use on the Cray I computer that improved performance over the previously used 
algorithm by two orders of maginitude.

Solution of the Inverse Problem of Differential Galois Theory in the Classical Case (with M. Tretkoff), American 
Journal of Mathematics,  101, 1979, pp 1327-1332.

On a Theorem of Rimhak Ree about Permutations (with M. Tretkoff), Journal of Combinatorial Theory, Series A, 
Volume 26, 1, January 1979, pp 84-86

The Completeness of the Automorphism Group of Metabelian Just-Infinite Groups, Journal of the London Mathe-
matical Society (2), 14, 1976, pp 459-462.

Some Remarks on Just Infinite Groups, Communications in Algebra, 4 (5), 1976, pp 483-489.

Nonparabolic Subgroups of the Modular Group, Glasgow Journal of Mathematics, 16, Part II, 1975, pp 91-102.