CSC 101 -- Principles in Information Technology and Computation

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12/10/2016 New: I have uploaded the quizzes as well as the Midterm. Please study them and focus on the code that we went through during the labs. If you understand what is going on and not just copy code then you will be fine.
11/03/2016 Our class tomorrow Friday Nov. 4th (and every Friday from now on) will start at 11 in M1209 (the lab)
09/29/2016 Tomorrow (Friday Sep. 30) and for the rest of the semester we'll go to the lab from 12 to 1.40
09/19/2016 On Friday Sep. 23 (this Friday), there will be a lab from 12 to 1.40
09/18/2016 The first quiz has been uploaded along with the answers. You can find it in the "Quizzes" section.
09/02/2016 Today we covered the history of computing. There will be a quiz on chapters 1 and 6 of the textbook on September 9.
08/26/2016 Welcome to CSC101! Today we talked about the inner workings of computers.

Lab Tutorials:

For people that want to get started with HTML and Javascript, I suggest this excellent tutorial: HTML Dog. It has great and simple tutorials for all levels, and examples for you to study.