CIS 1.0/Biomedical Computing
Fall 2006
HW Unit F


  1. For this assignment, you will answer the questions below, both Part I and Part II. Type in the answers using Notepad. Remember to add your name at the top of the file
  2. Save the file and name it with your last name followed by the .txt extension. For example, my file would be called parsons.txt.

The assignment is due on Wednesday December 6, 2006.


Part I. Privacy and Security

  1. Find the cookies file on the computer you are using. What is in the file?

    Cut and paste some entries from the cookies file into the Notepad file you are creating.

    HINT: If you use Netscape or Firefox, cookies will be in the file cookies.txt (and you can find this by doing a search). If you use Internet Explorer, then you'll find a number of folders named Cookies and you'll have to look through these until you find one with something interesting in it.
    (1 point)

  2. Read through the article "What email hackers know that you don't" (this was handed out in class, and you can get a copy from the Unit F page).

    List three of the security challenges that the article identifies. Which of these do you think is most likely to apply to you? Why?
    (2 points)

  3. Read through the article "Six tips to protect your online privacy" (this was handed out in class, and you can get a copy from the Unit F page).

    For each of the six tips listed, write down whether or not you think you should follow this tip, and explain why.
    (2 points)

PART II. Uses of Computers

  1. Read the case study articles for Units D, E and F.

    For each unit pick one article and explain the main point that the article is making.

    You must write these explanations in your own words (no copying them out of the articles or from some other source). Write as if you were explaining this to a friend.
    (3 points)

  2. Pick one of the case study items (an article or somethng else). Write down which thing it is, and then explain how it fits (or does not fit, if you think that it doesn't) into this class, and why you think that.
    (2 points)