Submission Instructions and Late Policy.

Homeworks are due on the day that they are due.

Here are the rules --- please know them well:


Sometimes I will ask you to hand in a hardcopy (printout) of your work:


Sometimes I will ask you to hand in a softcopy (an electronic file) of your work. This is what you must do:
  1. Use WinZip to create a ZIP archive of your work. This must include all the files that are part of your work (including images for example).
  2. Name your archive (so I would call my file, not
  3. Email the archive to me at
For softcopy submission, I will accept work until midnight on the due date.

Here are some notes on Using ZIP.

Exceptions and Extensions

Exceptions and extensions are possible, primarily based on MEDICAL EMERGENCIES.

Circumstances must be documented and suitable arrangements will be made.

You must consult me via email on an individual basis.