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The material we will cover this semester is split into seven units.

Each unit groups together some information about computers and computer science, some practical activities, some background reading, and a case study.

The case studies provide a context for the rest of the work, showing you some ways in which computer science is used in the biomedical world.
Unit Topic Reading Case study
Unit A Introduction to computers and networks Reed, Chapters 1 and 3 Medical information systems
Unit B Algorithms and computer languages Reed, Chapters 2 and 8 Telesurgery
Unit C Data representation and storage Reed, Chapters 12 and 14 Clinical decision support
Unit D Event-driven programming Reed, Chapters 9 and 11 Artificial life
Unit E Programmer defined functions Reed, Chapters 7 and 10 E-prescribing
Unit F Security, privacy, encryption Reed, Chapter 18 Privacy in medical records
Unit G Solvability and feasibility Reed, Chapter 13 Bioinformatics