The notes from the last two lectures, and a tutorial on material from the last few lectures have now been posted.

Remember that the lecture on Monday will be a demo session for the second project.

Demos for the makeup project will be held in Wednesday's lecture.


Homework #4 is now posted. Because of the delay in doing this (due in part to the problems we have been having with the network), I have pushed back the due date for Homework #4 to 5th May.

Since I will be out of town most of next week, and so you will be unable to practice for the soccer challenge in project 2, I have moved back the due date for that as well.


As we discussed in class, there is now a week's extension for the second project. However, note that we can't move the end date for the makeup project back any further, so that will end the week after the second project.

The makeup project is now posted.


Homework #3 is now posted.

Details of the second project are now posted.

Remember that, as I said in class, as part of the first project, you need to create a log file of 5 runs of the player you developed, and email me this log file.


Information on the mid-term has been added, including a sample mid-term. You can get to these from the syllabus page.

There are also some more tutorial questions on the homework page.


The first project has now officially begun. You can collect the robot kits from my office during office hours, and you can find all the necessary details on the project page.


Because of the web-server problems, Homework #1 is now due on 01/26/03.


Homework #2 is now posted.


I now have a key to 137 New Ingersoll, so classes will always be in that room from now on.


Homework #1 is now posted. Note that the due date has changed.


Check out the important date information.


The notes for the first two lectures are now posted. Apologies for the delay (technical difficulties :-).


Welcome to the course.