Notes and Reading - Lecture #20

Lecture #20 looked at simple approaches to planning using STRIPS and some of the issues involved in combining planning and acting.


Notes are available in two formats:


This lecture covers material from three chapters. The material on the Sense/Plan/Act cycle from Chapter 10 (pages 163-165), on Planning from Chapter 22, (pages 373-386) and some of the issues in representing actions in logic from Chapter 21 (pages 363-368). As ever you should read this through.

You should also read the material from Chapters 21 and 22 which I didn't cover (roughly pages 369-370 and 387-398).

The original paper on the STRIPS approach was:

R. E. Fikes and N. J. Nilsson. STRIPS: A new approach to theorem proving in problem solving. Artificial Intelligence, 2:189--208, 1971