Your project can, in theory, be on any aspect of robotics. However, the topic has to be agreed with Prof. Parsons.

If you are stuck for a topic, I am happy to provide a list of possible topics for you to choose from.

Lab hours

As you should be aware after completing the practicals, programming robots takes time. If you need time to use the lab outside the scheduled classes, email Prof. Parsons.


The grade will be based on two components:


You will have to demonstrate your project, working on a robot, to Prof. Parsons.

If you don't finish your project in enough time to do this during class, then you will need to set up an appointment (by email) to do the demonstration.


The main body of the report on your project should be around 2000 words long (that is 3-4 pages of single-spaced 12pt type). Reports significantly shorter than this will lose points.

As an appendix to the main body of the report, attach the code that you wrote as part of your project. This code should be well commented (part of the mark for the report will be on the ease with which your code can be understood).

The report should, at least, contain:

  1. A statement of the problem that you set out to solve.
  2. A statement of how you solved the problem.
  3. A discussion of the code that you wrote.
  4. An analysis of the degree to which you were and were not successful in solving the problem (what worked well, what worked badly, what scope there is for improving what you did if you had longer to work on it).
  5. A summary of what you learnt about robotics during the project.
Submit your report, including appendix, by email to Prof. Parsons, as a PDF if possible.

In addition, you need to submit a copy of the entire introduction-to-robotics-2007 directory from the laptop that you were working on. It may be easier to do this in person than by email, and be sure to:

make clean

to remove the binaries before you do this.


If you have any questions, email them to Prof. Parsons.

Submission date

As we agreed in class, the submission date for the final is 11.59 on the 31st December 2007.

This date us very close to the date by which marks have to be submitted.

If you are late submitting your report, it will not be possible to get your report marked before the grades for the course are submitted, and you will initially be given an incomplete. This will be resolved as soon as possible after you submit your report.