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The projects will explore some aspects of artificial intelligence using the simulation environment Netlogo.

To work on the projects you will need to install a copy of Netlogo for your computer. It runs under Windows, OS X and Linux.

If you don't have a computer on which to install Netlogo, please contact Prof Parsons to learn where on campus you can use a computer running Netlogo.

[Project 0] [Project 1] [Project 2]

Project 0

The first project is a warm-up, a pre-project project. You need to download and install Netlogo (preferably version 4.1.1), and work through the three tutorials in the User Manual (which you can find under the Help menu): These are designed for school kids, so should not take computer science students very long to do :-)

The last tutorial has you build a simple application. You need to submit this to me, by email, on or before the due date. Your email should include your name, otherwise I may not know who to give the credit to.

As you will see, the code for the last tutorial is given in the User Manual, so you need to do more than just send me this code (if you are smart you will try to do the tutorial properly, since that will help you when you come to do the other projects). In particular, what you need to do is:

  1. Add two features of your choice into the model you build.
  2. Use the Information tab of your Netlogo model to describe the features you added, and explain why you added them.

Material for Project 0:

Due date: October 21st.

[Project 0] [Project 1] [Project 2]

Project 1

Project 1 explores search using a robot in a simple grid world.

Material for Project 1

Due date: November 11th

[Project 0] [Project 1] [Project 2]

Project 2

Project 2 explores learning using a robot in a simple grid world.

Material for Project 2

Due date: December 16th.