I posted some sample questions on material not covered by a homework. These are in the form of a tutorial on the homework page.


The corrected version of the notes for lecture 19 have not been posted, and they are linked to the syllabus page.

All notes are now PDF.


The fourth homework has finallybeen posted. It is due 3rd December.

The homework needs to be handed in this week so that I can mark it and get it back to you before the semester ends (so you can use it for revision).


Note that the class on November 12th is now a lab session to give you time to work on the second project.


I have reworked the syllabus to give you more time for the first project. The project is now due after the midterm (the midterm hasn't moved). To balance, the second project now finishes in the last week of the semester.


The second homework has finallybeen posted. It is due 15th October.


The first homework has finallybeen posted. Because of the delay, it is due 8th October.


Welcome to the course.