The final will be held between 6pm and 8pm on Monday 19th May in the usual room.

This is the usual class time rather than the time I (wrongly) told you in the last class.


The final tutorial is now posted,along with the notes from the last two lectures.

Remember to come to class next week with any questions you want me to go through.

I will be away from the 14th - 21st May, so there is no point looking for me in my office then. I will be reading email, so if you want to ask me something, send me an email.


Homework #4 is now posted.

Since the posting of homework #4 was delayed (in part at least by problems with the network) I have pushed back the due date by one week.

Since the network problems doubtless caused problems with the project work, I have also pushed back the due date for the project.

The new dates can be found on the relevant pages.


The makeup project is now posted.

Note that some of the groups have been reorganised to take account of people who have dropped the class.

Some people have moved groups, and some groups have had people added to them.

If this has happened to you, mail me so that I can put you in touch with your new group/new members.


Homework #3 is now posted.

The details of the second project are now posted.


There is a one week extension for the project. It is now due on 31st March.


There is some free code that can be used as part of your project. If you go to the web site and look under "libraries", you can find RCCParser and RCClient which provide all the networking and parsing functionality required by the program you have to write. Both the parser and client are available under GPL.


I have copied some files into the project home directories. These contain some sample pieces of soccer playing code, and a version of windows client for you to download (you will need to use sftp to download this to your computer).

Instructions on how to use these files can be found in the "docs" directory.


If you have technical questions on the soccer simulator for the project, you can email Adam Brown, a Brooklyn College student who has been using the simulator and who set up the system you are using for the project.

If you mail Adam, remember he is a volunteer and like many of you, he is both working full time and studying as well as answering your questions. So I expect you to be both polite and respectful when dealing with him.


Information on the mid-term has been added, including a sample mid-term. You can get to these from the syllabus page.

There are also some more tutorial questions on the homework page.


The first project has now started; see the project page for details.


Because of the webserver problems, the due date for Homework #1 has been delayed until 03/03/03. The due date for Homework #2 has not changed.


Homework #2 is now posted.


Homework #1 is now posted.


Check out the important date information.


The notes for the first two lectures are now posted. Apologies for the delay (technical difficulties :-).


Welcome to the course.