Course Days Times Location
CIS 716M 6.00 - 8.05pm 214 NE


Stuart Russell and Peter Norvig Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach (second edition), ISBN 0-13-790395-2, Prentice Hall

We've ordered the book at the college bookstore. You can see it on Amazon, and read some reviews by students who have used it.

This book is annoyingly expensive, so you might want to wait to be sure you want to buy it; I provide notes and students who took the class before claim that they didn't need to buy the textbook.


This course is an introduction to Artificial Intelligence. This is a big topic, so we won't cover everything that everyone taking the course is interested in. What we will cover is broadly all the material in the textbook with some additional topics that I happen to think are interesting and/or important. You can find more detail on what we will cover on the syllabus page.

Finally, here are some hints for how to succeed in CIS 32.