Notes and Reading - Lecture #8

Lecture #8 was an introduction to multiagent decisions


Notes are available in two formats:


This lecture covered Chapter 12 of the textbook. You should read through Chapter 12 in detail.

Additional reading to go with the class is the following nice survey of computational social choice:

Y. Chevaleyre, U. Endriss, J. Lang and N. Maudet A short introduction to computational social choice, Proc. SOFSEM-2007, Springer-Verlag, 2007.
while this article:
J. J. Bartholdi, C. A. Tovey and M. A. Trick. The computational difficulty of manipulating an election, Social Choice and Welfare, Volume 6, Number 3 / July, 1989, 227-241.
is the one the textbook gives as a class reading.