I have now posted the final.

Note that we are back to having two presentations next week (the 11th), but we will start at 10.45 (because I have to leave at 12.45).

We will meet in the usual room.


I have posted all the paper suggestions I think I have received. If you have sent me something and it isn't up. Remind me.

Anyone who hasn't suggested a paper by the end of this week (9th April), is voting for me to assign them one.

Note that the second session on 11th May has now moved to 24th May (I have to go to Brooklyn College on the 11th).


I have posted the topics for the midterm paper.

I have also corrected the permissions problems that were stopping you from downloading some of the material.


Note that I have rejigged the schedule for presentations/discussants/scribes a little. A certain party (who shall remain nameless) didn't sign up, and accomodating them needed everything to be jigged aorund a little.

As you can see we will now be using one of the slots previously marked "final". This does not mean there will be less of a final, but (like the midterm) this will be a take home write-a-paper activity, and the marked slot is just when you have to hand it in.


Welcome to the course.