This is what you have to complete for the final examination.

Write a short paper (4-5 sides) describing how you might use one of the techniques we have discussed in Lecture 12 onwards (basically the material on multi-agent systems as opposed ot the material on single agents) to get soccer playing robots to work together.

Thus you might write about, for example, (1) the communication needs of such robots and the degree to which these are satisfied by KQML, or (2) the use of game theory to enable cooperation between robots on the same team, or (3) how agents might use argumentation to coordinate an attack, or anything else in a similar vein that you choose.

This has to be handed in by the end of class (1.45 pm) on Tuesday December 16th. I will be in my office at the Graduate Center between 1.15 and 1.45 pm to collect your work.