Notes and Reading - Lecture #4

Lecture #4 was a seminar on Intelligent Agents.


There are no notes for this lecture


The reading assignment for this seminar is:

S. Franklin and A. Graesser, "Is it an agent, or just a program?: A taxonomy for autonomous agents", in Intelligent Agents III, Springer Verlag, LNAI1193, (J. P. Mueller, M. J. Wooldridge and N. R. Jennings, eds.), 1997.
The questions you have to answer before class are:
  1. Can we synthesize a strict definition of an agent from those given in the paper?
  2. What do you think an agent is? Why?
  3. Which definition given in the paper corresponds most closely with your personal view?
  4. Why (if at all) is it useful to define what an agent is?
  5. What distinguishes an agent from a multi-agent system? What does this say about Sumpy?
Short answers (a couple of sentences) only are required, but I must have them 1 hour before class.