Notes and Reading - Lecture #6

Lecture #6 was a seminar on Deductive reasoning agents.


There are no notes for this lecture


The reading assignment for this seminar should have been:

Y. Shoham, Agent Oriented Programming, Journal of Artificial Intelligence 60 (1), pp. 51-92, 1993.
But I couldn't get a copy in time.

Instead we will discuss the ideas in Shoham's paper as described in the notes that Albert Esterlin has posted about the paper.

I will distribute copies of the paper when I get one myself :-)

The questions you have to answer before class are:

  1. What aspects of the ABCD example make it a suitable example of agents interacting?
  2. Is it sensible to insist that an agent's beliefs are consistent (as is done in Agent0)? Why?
  3. How reasonable so you find the Agent0 model of persistence of obligations?
  4. Consider the way that beliefs and obligations are handled in Agent0. How might this be implemented in an Agent0 interpreter?
  5. How might the implementation of beliefs and obligations be extended from that in Agent0?
Short answers (a couple of sentences) only are required, but I must have them by midnight the night before before class.