Notes and Reading - Lecture #14

Lecture #14 was a seminar on "Logics for multi-agent systems"


There are no notes for this lecture


The reading assignments for this seminar are:

M. Wooldridge. Practical Reasoning with Procedural Knowledge: A Logic of BDI Agents with Know-How. In D. M. Gabbay and H.-J. Ohlbach, editors, Proceedings of the International Conference on Formal and Applied Practical Reasoning. Springer-Verlag, June 1996.
The questions you have to answer before class are:
  1. What new aspects of the BDI model (as compared with that presented in the Bratman, Pollack and Israel paper) does this paper introduce?
  2. To what extent are these extensions consistent with your understanding of the original model?
  3. What deficiencies can you see in the overall model as presented in this paper?
Short answers (a couple of sentences) only are required, but I must have them midnight the night before class.