For a project you will have to work with the AIBO robots that we use for RoboCup soccer. Everybody will be given a separate project to complete, typical topics are: This code will be written as an extension to our existing AIBO codebase (written in C++), and will only involve modifying one small part of the codebase.

Existing code

The existing code is in the public domain, and can be downloaded.

We are still in the process of cleaning up this code (which is what we were running in the competition this summer), so it is probably advantageous to keep downloading this code over the course of the project.

The only part of the code that you will need to modify is Behaviour.


The environment we use to program the robots in is OpenR, provided by Sony, and free to download.

There are some notes on how to install OpenR.

Working with the robots

In order to test out your robots, you will obviously need to be able to run it on the robots.

Our plan is to set up a robot soccer field in the Science Center (or wherever else we can find space) evert Tuesday after class for the duration of the project.

Along with the field we will have a couple of robots, the memory sticks you need to download programs into the robots, and the hardware to read and write the memory sticks.


Here is the most recent version of the code. This includes working localization code now linked through to Behavior.

Note that the localization code is still being tested, and though it works, does not pass the position data to other modules.