Your project will, like the practicals, be based on the use of Player/Stage.


Your project can, in theory, be on any aspect of robotics that it is feasible to implement in Player/Stage. However, the topic has to be agreed with Prof. Parsons.

If you are stuck for a topic, I am happy to provide a list of possible topics for you to choose from.

As you should be aware after completing the practicals, programming robots, even in simulation takes time. Make sure you leave yourself enough time to complete your project, and bear this in mind when you choose the topic of your project.

What you have to hand in

Unless otherwise agreed with Prof. Parsons, what you need to hand in is:
  1. A tar or zip file that contains all of the code that is necessary to get your project running under a vanilla copy of Player/Stage.
  2. Any maps that you use.
  3. At least one screenshot of your project working.
  4. A user manual, a short document that explains how to get your project running on a vanilla copy of Player/Stage.
  5. A system manual, a short document that explains the structure of your code, and gives a high level explanation. Think of it as what you'd tell another student in the class who wanted to modify your code to clue them in on which bits of the code they need to look at.


If you have any questions, email them to Prof. Parsons.

Submission date

As we agreed in class, the submission date for the final is 11.59 on the 31st December 2007.

This date us very close to the date by which marks have to be submitted.

If you are late submitting your report, it will not be possible to get your report marked before the grades for the course are submitted, and you will initially be given an incomplete. This will be resolved as soon as possible after you submit your report.